My motor has been modified, so will a DMC pipe work?
I would first ask that question to the person/company that performed the motor work. They may have tested their motor combinations with a specific pipe, which would give you the same type of gains that they saw. For the most part though, all of our pipes will work with a modified motor. You will want to match the pipe with the powerband the motor was set up for.

What jetting should I use?
We try and build all of our systems so that they require minimal jetting changes. However some systems can benefit from jetting changes. In fact, with some two strokes it may be required to prevent engine damage.

Please keep in mind DMC's jetting specs are based on a stock motor with a DMC pipe. Other aftermarket motor parts may affect these specs; you would need to contact the manufacturer in question for his jetting specs as necessary.

To determine your jetting specs, download the installation instructions for your exhaust. Simply locate your exhaust in our online store as if you were shopping for one. Each exhaust page contains a link to download PDF instructions.
Further jetting information can also be found by clicking here.

When should I change the packing on my silencer?
As we all know, sound is a major issue which can effect whether or not we continue to enjoy our sport without offending others. Also, your system performs best and will last longer when the silencer is properly maintained. Repacking your silencer depends on the type of riding and the amount of hours on the bike.

A two stroke running a little rich on the oil ratio will saturate the silencing media very quickly. On a big-bore-four, frequent high speed riding will also shorten the life of the media, however every 20-30 hours is about the average time to check for possible re-packing. Also you should not allow water to inter the silencer outlet while washing your bike or ATV. Let your ears be the guide.

What is the difference between the DMC Alien and DMC 916 system for my Banshee?
The difference between the two is the silencers. The Alien has a traditional pipe into silencer setup. The DMC 916 silencer assembly features dual outlets on one center mounted muffler and delivers a tone unlike anything you've ever heard.

How can I make my system quieter or pass sound inspection?
DMC offers USFS approved Quiet Cores for use on all DMC silencers, which is USFS approved. When installed on a properly packed silencer and stock motor, test results show a decrease of approximately 2~3 decibels.

It installs easily and is designed to maintain the clean appearance of your DMC exhaust; simply insert and re-install the endcap. If you have further questions or concerns relating to sound performance and passing the SAEJ1287 Testing Method, you may find this DMC article on Sound Control helpful.

Why do my pipes turn blue?
Any pipe when exposed to sufficient heat, will turn blue. Because the "bluing" is generated by heat, if you find the "bluing" to be undesirable, you can opt to adjust your carburetor jetting to run your bike richer, therefore reducing the heat being dissipated. Of course, running your bike with your jetting set to a richer mix may impact your performance. What we're ultimately telling you is that if you jetted your bike accurately, you will generate heat and experience some "bluing" near the headpipe portion of your pipe. "Bluing" is your friend. Now if your entire pipe turns blue, then your cousin is not the mechanic he said he was and we suggest you check your jetting against our specifications. Keep in mind our jetting specs are based on sea-level operation. If you're at an extreme elevation, you may have to adjust your jetting accordingly.

We inspect every pipe twice before it is shipped to you, checking for flakes and flaws, making sure it arrives to you with unsurpassed quality and finish. We believe the plating and polishing process on DMC pipes provides a stunning appearance and the quality exceeds other manufacturers. Although we make every effort to provide you with the finest exhaust system on the market, we feel it best to provide you with this information.

There are some aftermarket products available that will help remove any "bluing" that appears on your chrome finish. We recommend you check with your local dealer for such products. Bluing is not covered by any DMC Warranty.

What is a Power Pack and why should I have one?
We recommend a Power Pack for you to reach the highest level of performance. Getting maximum air-flow and the correct jetting are the difference between a holeshot and being last to the first corner. They also prolong the life of the motor by providing clean air and proper fuel flow.

Power Packs feature bolt-on components for easy installation regardless of your mechanical abilities. And without a doubt, a Power Pack is one of the most rewarding enhancements you can add to your quad because you will have instant performance response as soon as it's on!

Power Packs provide dramatic increases in horsepower and improved throttle response through these easy bolt-on intake component kits. Depending on the model of ATV/UTV, kits may be available in the standard Power Pack or PRO Power Pack which includes a Pro Design Billet base plate. All kits, regardless of model, include a High-Flow K&N Filter, K&N Recharger Kit, waterproof pre-filter, and complete instructions. Depending upon carb or fuel injected models, complete Dynojet Jet Kit or EFI Control Module included.

DMC Power Packs deliver an average 15% increase in horsepower while PRO Power Packs deliver up to 19% increase.

More information and ordering can be found at this link.
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