History of DMC

DMC has been bringing fresh and original exhaust system technology to the power sports community since 1975. These innovative designs have brought a fresh look without sacrificing useable horsepower. We've always believed that by combining leading edge technology, the finest materials, superior craftsmanship and unequaled power delivery, that we would have very satisfied customers.

Bringing this all together means holding ourselves to tough standards. We will never compromise quality for price. Unlike some of the competition, you'll never find worthless features to compensate for lack of quality. And we'll never use deceptive dynamometer results to conceal a lack of real, usable power. Significant power improving technologies have put DMC above the crowd. Over the years, we've launched many firsts in exhaust development:
  • "Afterburner" center bleed two stroke pipe
  • Extruded aluminum muffler canisters
  • Tapered 4 stroke head pipes
  • Single canister, dual outlet mufflers
  • 4-stroke pulse chamber scavenging
  • Full distance unequal tuned length head pipes for single cylinder dual port 4-stroke motors
From the original single canister, dual outlet DMC Dual, a new design has landed ? the DMC Alien. In a revolutionary design, the DMC Alien incorporates a completely new exhaust technology. The DMC 4-Stroke Pulse Chamber operates as a variable tuning device over a range of RPM's to continuously deliver maximum torque and horsepower. The dual outlets work in conjunction with the Pulse Chamber to insure proper backpressure at low to mid range engine speed and minimum outlet restriction at high RPM. DMC Alien 2-Stroke systems flat out deliver big increases in horsepower while increased average and peak torque insures quicker acceleration than competitive systems. Quality, innovation and more importantly ? power to shred your competition.

The only way to achieve that maximum performance is through a strict regimen of research, development, fitment, and testing. Some manufacturers just bend some tubing, call it an exhaust, and throw it a box. Each pipe we build is purpose built, with attention to every detail to maximize performance and rideability, with exceptional durability, fit and finish.

In 2005, DMC introduced the new Afterburner Exhaust. The Afterburner was developed to meet the demands of today's high performance 4-Stroke engines. Never before has DMC done so much research, development, and real world track testing to produce the ultimate exhaust system. The new Afterburner features a redesigned muffler canister combined with the perfect balance of core size, placement, inlet flow, backpressure, and more to push 4-Strokes to their full potential. In DMC fashion, it's always the details that make the Afterburner stand out from the crowd.

  • Easy access baffle assembly
  • Removable AMA/FIM endcap
  • Spark arrestor included with all systems
  • S.O.S. (Quiet Core) included with Quiet Systems
  • Black anodized bulkhead and inlet
  • Embossed branding badge

DMC is constantly developing and testing new sytems, providing users the ultimate in real-world useable power and performance. Our belief is that an exhuast system should deliver on those promises while shaving off those dreading pounds from your stock system, and adding both function and style to your favorite toy.

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